A downloadable game for Windows

Orbsession is made with pygame. It is 2D strategy based game. 

It is based on an Alien creature who is obsessed with the orbs although there is other breed of Alien who want to eliminate our orb guy. Help him collecting the orbs and shoot fire once the enough orbs are collected.

Collect as many as orbs you can and beware to avoid bad aliens. There is Power Bar which will be filled on collection of orbs and once it is fully filled you can use Fire Power to blow the enemies away. Keep track of your heath and every time  when enemy touches you, it reduces the health in Health Bar.

All the images, music and other game assets are made from scratch.


  • Use Right and Left Arrow keys to move 
  • Use Spacebar to shoot the Fire
  • Press P to pause the game

Tools used:

  1. Game Library: Pygame
  2. Programming: Python
  3. Music: Bosca Ceoil, Ableton Live
  4. Graphic: Paint, Photoshop


  • Design: Aditya Singh and Rahul Sahu
  • Programming: Aditya Singh and Rahul Sahu
  • Music: Aditya Singh
  • Graphic: Aditya Singh

We've picked Game Development as our new hobby and we have developed this game from scratch in few hours. 

Share your experience, constructive feedback in the comments. As it is our first game please feel free to suggest how it can be better next time. 

Happy Gaming!

Release date May 24, 2020
Made withpygame
Tags2D, Arcade, orb, Pixel Art, pygame, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds


Orbsession.zip 13 MB

Install instructions

Download the zipped file and run Orbsession.exe after extraction.


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First of all, Nice music though Art seems like placeholder.
good start though.
A simple game design tip, make the orb power UI of same color as orbs themselves.